Arm Lift – Brachioplasty

Loose tissue hanging from the upper arms often become a tell tale sign of ageing and weight loss. It is called a number of fairly unflattering things such as tuckshop arms and batwings. People often find themselves wearing longer sleeved tops or jackets to cover their arms when this area concerns them.
This problem is often compounded after significant weight loss as skin laxity develops in the upper arms as their weight decreases, which can often cause skin irritation or ill-fitting clothes.  When weight loss has been substantial, damage to the skin prevents it returning to the normal shape and size and so surgical intervention may be considered to remove the excess skin in this area.
An arm lift or brachioplasty is a combination of liposuction to remove the fat and a surgical excision from the axilla/armpit to the elbow to tighten loose skin and reduce the overall circumference.
This is an operation that takes about 90 to 120 minutes, certainly has a healing period that needs to be taken into account before returning to normal activities but does leave an outcome and contour change that can be very pleasing.
Successfully performed brachioplasty surgery can give you the confidence with respect to your outward appearance.  Patients undergoing this procedure usually only require a single night’s stay in hospital, and can continue their recovery at home.
This procedure is frequently performed at the same time as other operations such as breast surgery, particularly in the weight loss group. This may require a longer hospital stay.
Medicare and private health fund assistance may be available for this procedure for patients who meet certain criteria which are associated with massive weight loss.  Dr Magnusson will discuss these, along with other general and specific considerations of the surgery with you during your consultation.

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