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Dr Mark Magnusson and his staff

Dr Mark Magnusson and his staff are committed to excellence in Plastic Surgical Procedures. At our clinic you can be certain that all inquiries will be managed with complete confidentiality and the highest degree of professionalism.


About us at Toowoomba Plastic Surgery

At Toowoomba Plastic Surgery we appreciate that making the decision about having cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is a very personal one and that gathering the right information quickly and accurately from the outset often helps you make an informed decision about what options best suit you. We only offer treatments that are proven to be effective and we don’t offer costly services that are not proven to provide benefits. This combination of training, experience, quality and caring provides the best environment to make very personal, important decisions about your care.


Toowoomba Plastic Surgery

Making an enquiry

You can phone our clinic and speak with our patient co-ordinator to obtain general information regarding any of our services or the procedures that we perform. You may wish to make an appointment to see the patient co-ordinator which is a complimentary information session and does not require a referral. Alternatively you may wish to send an e-mail to our practice which we can respond to. We do have information packs available to send via email for our common procedures. If you wish to make an enquiry please follow the link: make an enquiry.

Making an appointment

You can create an appointment by phoning the clinic on 1300 662 960

At the time of making your appointment you will be asked the reason for your visit. This is important for us to allow appropriate scheduling. For example, a standard initial consultation for procedures such as breast augmentation will take as long as one hour. If we are unaware that this is the reason for your visit, this may affect your waiting time in the practice.

What to bring to your appointment?

Referral from your GP. As Dr Magnusson is a specialist, you will be entitled to a Medicare rebate on most pre-operative consultations. Our staff will be able to advise you at the time of making your appointment whether you will require a referral or not.

Accompanying person. Many patients would prefer to have another person present during the consultation, especially for significant reconstructive or cosmetic procedures. Dr Magnusson is understanding of this and encourages patients to consider bringing another person with them.

Your Medicare, DVA or health fund details

Consultation fee. Toowoomba Plastic Surgery is not a bulk billing practice. You will be required to pay for your consultations on the day that you are seen. There are a number of different classes of consultation which have individual costs. If you have any uncertainty please contact the rooms prior to your appointment.

Important information you should know

A referral from your GP will usually be valid for 12 months. This may be shortened to three months at the discretion of your GP. It may also be extended as a permanent referral. If your treatment takes longer than 12 months from the day you are initially seen, it will be your responsibility to obtain another referral.

A referral from another specialist will only be valid for three months. If your treatment takes longer than three months from the day you are initially seen, you will require a further referral from your specialist or your GP.

Before you have been seen by Dr Magnusson or the clinic staff, it is not possible for us to ascertain what your condition is going to require for treatment, the duration of this treatment or whether an anaesthetic may be required if you need an operation. For these reasons your surgery is not generally carried out on the day of your initial consultation.

If your condition is urgent, please advise the clinic staff when you phone for an appointment

I am not sure which procedure I need

You must establish a clear set of goals that you are trying to achieve from treatment. These goals are the foundation for the selection of the appropriate procedure or combination of procedures for you. Dr Magnusson will interpret your individual needs and advise the procedures most appropriate for you. Not all treatments will require surgery.

An open and honest communication between you and Dr Magnusson will help ensure your expectation is best met.

What is a realistic expectation?

Any invasive surgical procedure will leave scars. Each individual will scar to a different degree despite having similar procedures to other patients. There are a variety of modalities that we use routinely for all patients to minimise the effect of scarring, however all scars will go through a period of time during which they are noticeable. This is largely due to pinkness around the wounds and will generally fade with time and often become very difficult to see. Scars will often be left in places that are natural skin folds and in directions that are most likely to result in concealment..

It must be remembered that the aim of all surgery is to leave minimal signs that the procedure has been performed. For cosmetic surgery especially, it is important to understand that a realistic aim is for improvement and not perfection..

Your consultation

You will be required to fill out an information sheet on arrival that will take five minutes or so. If required, a staff member will assist you where possible. Please allow time for this process in your calculation of arrival time.  It may also be necessary for our Nursing staff to take clinical photos before your consultation.  This is a general requirement of your consultation with our Surgeon’s, and will form part of your clinical record.

An initial consultation for a cosmetic procedure may take as long as one hour.

Dr Magnusson will spend a significant period of time with each patient. Some will want more information than others and it is sometimes difficult to gauge the length of a consultation at the time of booking. Dr Magnusson will also occasionally need to address urgent an unexpected problems. Unfortunately this means we will occasionally be running a little behind time but you can be assured that you will have the appropriate attention and information in your consultation despite this. We thank you for your patience if this occurs on your visit to the clinic..

If you are being consulted about a skin problem on your face, we recommend that you arrive to your consultation free of make-up.


This is not a bulk billing practice.

Some cosmetic procedures will have no assistance from Medicare and your health fund and you will therefore have out-of-pocket expenses for all aspects of care.

Most procedures will have some assistance from Medicare and your health fund. It is important to appreciate that a contract with your health fund is for hospital cover and not medical cover. This does not completely cover medical expenses for many patients.

Aged pensioners and DVA patients will have special billing arrangements. This reduces their costs significantly.

Uninsured patients requiring procedures in a private hospital will find that the hospital costs are not reimbursed by Medicare and these will therefore represent out-of-pocket expenses. Medicare may assist with the medical costs of your procedure (anaesthetist, assistant surgeon, pathologist and Dr Magnusson) but will not cover the expenses completely.

Where will my operation be performed?

Dr Magnusson operates under local anaesthetic in an operating theatre in our clinic and also at the Toowoomba Surgicentre. For uninsured patients, procedures under local anaesthetic can be performed in the rooms at a reduced expense compared to operations at a private hospital. If you are entitled to a medicare rebate with your procedure, this will not cover your costs and you will have out-of-pocket expenses.

Dr Magnusson operates with an anaesthetist at The Toowoomba Surgicentre, St Vincent’s Hospital Toowoomba and St Andrew’s Hospital in Toowoomba. Generally day procedures (leave hospital on the same day as your operation) are performed at The Toowoomba Surgicentre. Larger cases requiring an overnight stay in hospital are performed at St Vincent’s and St Andrew’s.

For more information about these hospitals please follow the links below:

We look forward to seeing you at Toowoomba Plastic Surgery.

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