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Male Breast Reduction; Causes, Candidates & Cures

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Man Boobs
Commonly known as Man Boobs, gynaecomastia is a condition involving an excess of breast tissue, affecting around 40 to 60 percent of all men. For many males, this condition can lead to discomfort and embarrassment and undermine confidence in personal and professional situations.

In many cases, gynaecomastia is caused by a hormonal imbalance, with those affected experiencing higher levels of oestrogen, which controls breast tissue growth. A decrease in testosterone levels in older men is another common cause of the condition.

Other contributing factors include certain drugs, both prescription and recreational (in particular the use of anabolic steroids), genetics and chronic diseases (especially kidney and liver disease).

Up to 90 percent of adolescent males experience some breast enlargement, although this is usually only temporary. In this age group, specialist surgeon Dr. Mark Magnusson usually recommends waiting for a period of time to see if this issue resolves on its own. However if the psychological disturbance is sufficient, we may proceed with surgery for some patients. As discussed, older men can also be susceptible.

Common issues associated with the condition include:
Cosmetic or psychological disturbance;
Discomfort and tenderness in the breast tissue; and
In rare cases, a suspected malignancy.

For men wanting to remove the burden of man boobs, male breast reduction is a popular surgical procedure that can have a profoundly positive effect on body image.

At Toowoomba Plastic Surgery, we apply different surgical methods based on the individual and their particular condition. For some patients we will consider liposuction as the most appropriate tool, others will have a surgical excision of the breast tissue alone, while still others can be best managed with a combination of both surgical excision and liposuction. In order to attract Medicare benefits, this procedure can only be performed in hospital.

The timing of surgery depends upon the size of the breast tissue, whether or not the condition has stabilised, whether there are other factors contributing to the development in an individual patient, as well as the psychological impact on each individual.
Some patients with fatty enlargement of the male breast may be suitable for Coolsculpting which does not require surgery.

Pain factor
The good news is most patients report discomfort after surgery, but not significant pain. As a precaution, long-acting local anaesthetic is injected during the procedure to minimise sensation during the first 24 hours after surgery. Pain relief medication can also be supplied for the early recovery period if required.

Managing risks
Removing the precise amount of breast tissue is a combination of science and art. The surgical removal of breast tissue may occasionally result in a relative depression in this location, a degree of asymmetry (difference from one side to the other) or an incomplete removal of the breast tissue. In rare instances, further surgery may be required, however this is uncommon.

Realistic expectations
It is important to have realistic expectations going into any cosmetic surgical procedure. Experienced and professional staff at Toowoomba Plastic Surgery will talk with you about what to reasonably expect of your post surgery body.

Male breast reduction surgery can create a firmer, flatter chest and lead to greater self-confidence. It must be kept in mind that as with all surgery, the aim is significant improvement and perfection can be an unrealistic expectation. In our experience, most patients who undergo this procedure are completely satisfied with their results.

To learn more about male breast reduction, visit Toowoomba Plastic Surgery, complete a contact form or call us on 1300 662 960.

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