Male Breast Reduction

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Gynaecomastia is an excessive enlargement of the male breast which may affect one or both sides.

  • Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction

This is a common condition and usually develops during puberty and may be associated with tenderness. Gynaecomastia is associated with the female hormone oestrogen. When this condition develops during puberty it may be as a result of hormone imbalance. When it occurs in later life it can be associated with other issues including prescription medication such as steroids. Gynaecomastia can be addressed surgically.

Common problems associated with gynaecomastia:

  • Cosmetic or psychological disturbance
  • Discomfort in the breast tissue
  • Rarely a suspected malignancy

Treatment options:

Treatment options for Male Breast Reduction can be classified as conservative and surgical. Conservative or medical treatments may be designed to address issues such as obesity or other causes. Gynaecomastia is common during adolescence and for the majority of people this will resolve. In this age group, Dr Magnusson may recommend waiting for a couple of years to see if this problem resolves on its own. If the psychological disturbance is sufficient, we may proceed with surgery for some patients.

Surgical procedures for Male Breast Reduction (gynaecomastia) can involve surgical excision of the breast tissue, liposuction of the fatty tissue frequently present with gynaecomastia and less commonly a reduction in the amount of skin for more severe cases. Some patients may require a combination of surgical excision and liposuction. The timing of surgery depends upon the size of the breast tissue, whether or not the condition has stabilised, whether there are other factors contributing to the development in an individual patient and also the degree of embarrassment associated for the individual patient.

Realistic expectations:

Surgery for Male Breast Reduction (gynaecomastia) can improve the appearance leading to greater self-confidence. It must be kept in mind that as with all surgery, the aim is significant improvement and perfection will be an unrealistic expectation. Most patients who undergo this procedure however, are completely satisfied with their results.

Removing the precise amount of breast tissue is a combination of science and art. The surgical removal of breast tissue may occasionally result in a relative depression in this location, a degree of asymmetry (difference from one side to the other) or an incomplete removal of the breast tissue. In some instances, further surgery may be suggested. This is not usually the case.

Well I obtain a benefit from Medicare and my health fund:

The operation to correct gynaecomastia is considered reconstructive by Medicare. This means that there is a Medicare benefit for all patients. If you have a private health fund you will also receive a benefit from them and they will contribute to the hospital costs. For some patients we will consider liposuction as the most appropriate tool, others will have a surgical excision of the breast tissue alone and still a third group will be best managed with a combination of both surgical excision and liposuction. Medicare will give a benefit for either surgery or liposuction, or both, even if both techniques are used.

If you do not have private health insurance, you will still receive a Medicare benefit that will contribute to the cost of your anaesthetist and Dr Magnusson, however any hospital costs will be out of pocket. Your Medicare cheque will not cover all of your medical expenses.

Your contract with your health fund is for hospital cover and does not fully cover your medical expenses (anaesthetist, assistant surgeon and Dr Magnusson). Your Medicare and health fund rebates will not cover your medical costs completely and this gap will represent an out of pocket expense.

For further information about your own policy you should contact your health fund.

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